Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boca Chica

November 10, 2008

This last week was..kinda crazy. It was good because we have some good investigators, we have 2 that are getting baptized soon. Im leaving the area tomorrow! Im going to a place called Boca Chica. Its not that far from where Im at now. There was a ward service project this morning where surprisingly quite a few members showed up, and we cleaned the church. And so I got to see alot of them for the last time and say bye which was good. When I was helping at it I felt a strong love for the members here. I started to get a lump in my throat thinking how lucky I was to be a missionary here. They are awesome awesome people. The two that we baptized, Fiordaliza and Carmen got callings in the church yesterday! I was so happy to see them stand up in church! Oh just to let you know...Ive played the piano in church the last two sundays...with it being a little rusty:) The last song we sang yesterday was pretty hard and when I looked at it I decided to just let it go unaccompanied with the piano. But...I promised myself to never to do that again! Ask Chad how bad the singing can be outside the States and he´ll tell you..haha well it´s bad. So I decided i´d be better off trying anyway than to let it goo free singing! The new comp Im getting only has one transfer. It´ll be interesting to see how it goes! Im excited for a new area! Oh I have two things I thought of that you could send in my Christmas package. A watch! Now an expensive one. Just one like from walmart that has a good alarm and the date and all that jazz. And also a CD that has all the Hymns on it. Without words. Just the regular, organ played, hymns. I like listening to them. I could use it for like prelude or something too. Could you also send me one or two more of the stamps papers? That would be good too. Everything is going great here. I love the mission everyday. Im SO thankful for the Savior. I know He wants to bless us. Im thankful for the family! I love you all! Tons and tons! Ill let you know how the new area is and everything next week! I love you mom so much! So MUCH!! I hope all goes well this week! Love you!:)

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