Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 8, 2008

That hurricane wasnt really a hurricane..well here at least. Just some rain and a little wind. THe worst part though is that we havent had power in 7 days! We havent been able to take a real shower for a while until this morning because the power came on last night for a little enough to fill a tank on the top of the roof. 3 days ago it was rianing during the night at about 3 oclock and we took advantage of the opportunity to try to get clean by the water falling from the roof. So we did and boy it felt good. So the hurricane was benificial. SO these Dominicans...I dont know how they even communicate to eachother. Thats seriously like what it is...como tu ta. It´s so frustrating...but thats part of it all. I´ll learn...hopefully. IWe actually havent had too many opportuities to serve. WEre trying to look for opportunities but...i dont know why we havent. Were really busy with citas I guess. People are always willing to listen to us unlike your mission it seems like. But thats something we need more of. It´s so humid! I´m in this little place that has no power and no fans and im dripping sweat. But im getting usd to it. Its awesome here. So sweet.

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