Monday, June 22, 2009

The Return

June 22, 2009

On March 6th ,2009, Preston was told he would be coming home to have surgery on his knee. He tore his meniscus on P-day, and went weeks walking in pain until he finally saw a doctor. After having x-rays and a CAT scan done there in the Domincian Republic , they could see it was torn, and would need surgery. When I got the call from SLC, my heart went numb not knowing what was going on! So..long story short, Preston was sent home to the United States on March 9th, 2009 to have surgery, and recover. His mission President made S.L.C. church head quarters promise that Elder Merrell would be sent back to the Dominican after his recovery.

We spent a couple of days seeing doctors, and I of course was adjusting to him being home! It was so good to have him around! He had his surgery March 17th, and everything went perfect, and we figured he’d be back out no later than 6 weeks. That didn’t happen, as he had to do weeks of physical therapy, and some other things asked by the church leaders, and Salt Lake City headquarters. His recovery was perfect, and he walked around like he never had it done! Preston ended up being home for 2 ½ months! I felt so bad for him, as he was anxious to get back out and serve the people he missed so much! He was home for Mother's day, his 20th birthday. He really enjoyed his time together with his family!

Finally he was cleared, and was sent him back out May 15th! It was hard this time, sending him out to the mission field! He brought so much joy and calmness to our home, that I wanted him selfishly to stay! He was able to see 9 weeks of all his sister’s softball games, and meet everyone in our ward, and be a part of our daily lives here at home. It was such an incredible blessing in many ways having him home! He spoke in several Sacrament meetings, played the piano for the Spanish branch the entire time he was home, and went on missionary splits. I realized more than ever what a great young man Preston is! His integrity speaks volumes, and his love for everyone, and his tender heart touches all!

Preston arrived safely back to the Dominican Republic, and was put back out in the field as zone leader the next day. He is doing great, and says he loves being back serving the people there! We love you very much!

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