Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First P-Day in the field

August 20, 2008

I can´t believe that I am here! It is SO ghetto. Incredibly poor and thesepeople have seriously hardly anything. My area is awesome! It is one of the mostcampo areas in the mission and is so poor. There are only about two pavedstreets in the area, and the people live in tiny homes, and I guess they arejust used to living like this because most of them really are so happy andupbeat. I can´t wait to get to know everything and our investigators betterthese weeks coming up. My companion/trainer is way awesome. He is one of thebest in the mission. He and I are getting along really well and it´s justawesome with him. Last night we taught about 7 lessons, some longer than others.And I got to teach most of about three of them. The ones that I taught was alady that is getting baptized next Saturday, and then two other members that wevisited. It was surprising to be doing that the same night I got here. So I loveit here! It is a culture shock, but I know that I will just love it here.There´s a good chance I´ll be in the same area, and maybe even with my samecompanion for a while. I can´t wait to tell you more of what´s happening here.

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Jacob said...

Hey Elder Merrell, this is Jake Richardson, your cousin's husband. What area are you in? I think you'll find that the people are always upbeat. They are awesome!!