Sunday, July 20, 2008

Provo MTC

Hola mi familia!I miss you all so much. How is everyone doing? It's crazy to think I've only been gone for a week. It seems that short but at the same time I've been here forever. Today new missionaries report so I can eel like I know everything and they don't! Anyways I love you all so much. And I love you mom! Sorry my last letter was kinda short. You don't get a whole lot of time to do things..I love love love the spirit that is in the MTC. Ther eis nothing like it!

Last night I saw 5 apostles! Every Tuesday there is a devotional and every time there's a devotional a general authority speaks. But this Tuesday was special because there are 130 new mission presidents that are being trained here and with that comes pretty much all of the Apostles, and the First Presidency. Elder Holland, Elder Christofferson, Elder Perry, Elder Scott, and Elder Hales spoke. There was a choir, and me and my comp. sang in it. But the choir consisted of hundreds of missionaries, was way cool! My comp and I got to meet our new mission president. He is so so cool and is going to be an awesome President! He's from Chile so he speaks incrediably fast spanish. It'll take some time to understand him.

I can't wait to get started with him in the Dominican. I love my district. We've bonded so closely. That's one thing that'll be hard is to move out of the district. I love them all so much. It's funny to think you are brought together not knowing each other at all, and spend hours a day together, and not only that, but developing a feeling that you would do anything for them.I love the gospel! It is true! I know it is. I am thankful for Joseph Smith restoring it. He was a prophet and he did see Heavenly Father and Christ! Christ did suffer for our sins and we can become clean through his sacrifice. If you have faith in that, and faith in the fact that he does live and that he knows what you're going through, and that He understand so many more things that we cannot, and if we pray for faith and a testimony, it will be given to us if we have a desire to have it! He will give us a strong and unshakeable testimony, and we will have the gift of the spirit.

Elder Merrell

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